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My Mortgage Finder is a specialty company that works to find you the best mortgage for you and your family. Our company has a trained staff that wants each of our customers to pick out a mortgage that is right for them. Many consumers have different needs for mortgages so we offer many different plans. Our mission is to find the mortgage that is best for you so you will be satisfied with your choice.


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Apply Now is the perfect place to apply for great mortgage rates. We offer an array of options for you and want you to receive the mortgage that you need.


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Even if you currently have a mortgage on your house we advise you to look through our rates and offers. Some people need to take out a second mortgage on their house to pay for unexpected finances or you may just want to take advantage of better market rates. Either way we have the ability to find the right mortgage for you.

Our company has worked with every different scenario dealing with mortgages. We understand that sometimes you may fall behind on mortgage payments so you have less than perfect credit--we can still help you find a mortgage!

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